Slides: Graduate Session – “Toward a U.S. Higher Education”


Last Sunday (August 12, 2012), Indonesia Mengglobal and Indonesian Club at Stanford co-hosted “Toward a U.S. Higher Education” at @atamerica Auditorium, Jakarta. We thank everyone who spared their time to come to the event, and we sincerely hope you found the event helpful.

Attached are the slides from last Sunday’s event. You can also read our liveblog transcript here and the event video here (courtesy @atamerica Jakarta). If you have any follow-up questions on graduate application, feel free to write on the comment box below.

Graduate School in the U.S. (Engineering & Science) by Willy Wiyatno
Willy Wiyatno graduated from Stanford University with MS and PhD and from University of Wisconsin-Madison with BSc, all in Chemical Engineering. He started his career working in a biotech company in San Francisco area. He then moved to a venture capital / debt company in Palo Alto after completing his CFA certification. He moved back to Indonesia to join McKinsey & Company and he is currently the Vice President Director of AMEC Berca Indonesia.

How do I get into Business School? by Danu Wicaksana

Danu Wicaksana earned his bachelor and master degree in Chemical Engineering from ITB and University of Birmingham in the UK. He moved back to South East Asia in 2007, but instead of becoming an engineer as what his dad wanted, he joined McKinsey & Company as a management consultant. He spent 3.5 years there working for many clients from different industries. He is currently an MBA student at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. In addition to presiding over Wharton Southeast Asia Club, he is also a summer associate at Principia Management Group – Quvat, based in Jakarta and Singapore.

How do I get into Law School? by Tiza Mafira

Tiza Mafira received her Bachelor of Laws (S.H.) degree in 2006 from Universitas Indonesia, and her Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in 2010 from Harvard Law School. She is currently a corporate attorney in Jakarta, specializing in project finance, foreign direct investment, and energy/renewable energy projects. Her passion is in environmental law and climate change. She is an experienced debater and mooter with various awards to her name, and is still actively coaching university students.


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