Slides: Undergraduate Session – “Toward a U.S. Higher Education”


Last Sunday (August 12, 2012), Indonesia Mengglobal and Indonesian Club at Stanford co-hosted “Toward a U.S. Higher Education” at @atamerica Auditorium, Jakarta. We thank everyone who spared their time to come to the event, and we sincerely hope you found the event helpful.

Attached are the slides from last Sunday’s event. You can also read our liveblog transcript here and the event video here (courtesy @atamerica Jakarta). If you have any follow-up questions on undergraduate application, feel free to write on the comment box below.


Studying in the U.S. by Derianto Kusuma

A geek by nature, Derianto has shown strong interests in programming since a young age, before finally obtaining a scholarship to study in the US. After graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, he worked at Microsoft and LinkedIn, and only recently returned to Indonesia to start his own startup. He is passionate about making difference in Indonesia through tech entrepreneurship

2 YR Community College + 2 YR University by Edwin Wibowo

Edwin received both his B.S. and M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley. Additionally, he also acquired a certificate in the Management of Technology program from the same university. His current interest includes technology and startup business. He currently manages his own start-up company.

Freshman Application: Navigating Around Requirements, Forms and Recommendations by Jourdan Hussein

Jourdan graduated from Wesleyan University, majoring in Government with a Certificate in International Relations. With the generosity of Freeman Asian Scholarship and the flexibility of a liberal arts curriculum, he spent 4 years taking classes ranging from economics to Chinese to taiko drumming and concert choir. He also spent a semester studying abroad in Amman, where Jourdan learned Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. Jourdan now works for the government and is interested in traveling in and out of the Nusantara archipelago.




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