Getting the Best from Studying in Melbourne


Ingin mengejar pendidikan lebih lanjut di Australia? Tirza Gracia, siswi yang telah belajar di Australia selama empat tahun, memberikan beberapa tips untuk memaksimalkan pengalaman belajar di Melbourne.

Dear readers,

If you’re reading this then there is a change that you you are going to study in Melbourne, in which this article will be helpful for you. Just to share with you, I came to Melbourne to do my Bachelor’s degree in 2009, and I had just finished my Master’s degree last year. Now, I am an Australian Permanent Resident. If you would like to study, and probably stay in Melbourne after your study (e.g. to work, to build family, etc), here are some tips for you to do:

1. Getting Familiar with Melbourne

Everything might be a surprise for you if you haven’t been to Melbourne before. Therefore, it is good if you can get yourself familiar with how to survive in Melbourne. Getting to know Melbourne transportation system (check and your surroundings (e.g. your local supermarket, restaurant, etc) would be important. Moreover, the weather in Melbourne could be very extreme in some days, thus it is important to check the weather before you leave home (it can help you wear the right clothes). Also, Melbourne is a multicultural city and it has a lot of events and exhibitions that you can attend and experience the culture for free (see

“Get familiar, build community, be involved, look for new experience, and enjoy!”

2. Build Friendship and Be a Part of Community

Friends and community in Melbourne can be the closest supports you will have here. Thus, build your friendship with your university friends and your community. You can join Indonesian student association called ‘PPIA’ or other clubs offered in your university. Be a part of something!

3. Be Involved!

Be active! You still have a lot of energy and time, so this is the time to contribute and be involved in your community. You will have a lot of fun in meeting lots of new friends and helping them at the same time. There are a lot of activities in universities that you can join as well. Or else, you can also do volunteering outside the university.

4. Find a Part-Time Job

Usually you will still have plenty of free time during your study, so why don’t you use it to do part-time job and earn some money? Also, you will gain work experience that would be useful when you apply for jobs after you graduate. You can start looking from your university career website,, or through friends’ referral. I guarantee you can learn a lot from your job.

5. Travel around Australia

Summer break has been the most popular holiday of the year. You have three months off from university. You can travel around Australia with your friends or you can ask your parents too. There are a lot of beautiful sceneries in Australia that you might never see in Indonesia. Explore Australia while you are still studying here and enjoy your holiday while you can before the university starts.

I hope my suggestions above would help you in your journey of studying in Australia.

Don’t stress out and enjoy every bit of studying in Melbourne.

And… I wish you the best for your journey in Melbourne! =)


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  1. I think Getting Familiar is best way how to survive
    but is Hard to people like me who doesn’t have enough money
    get adventure to Melbourne .. hahahah 😀
    any opinion ??


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