Announcing Indonesia Mengglobal’s new team!


We are happy to announce the new Indonesia Mengglobal team for the year 2015! Please join us to welcome the new team and bid farewell to our wonderful alumni who have done a fantastic job! We are all eager to serve you in the coming year by providing great contents from our contributors and serving useful information that facilitates studying overseas.

In addition to the blog posts by our contributors, this year we are pleased to announce that we are going to publish posts written regularly by our columnists! There will be 5 stories by 5 different columnists published each month on the website and we hope that our columnists’ stories will help to inspire you more.

Here is the current structure of Indonesia Mengglobal’s organisation:
(* indicates a new member who has just joined our team)

IM Team Leaders
Tiffany Robyn Soetikno
Christina Juwita

Advisory Committee
Veni Johanna
Martin Tjioe
Donny Eryastha
Stevia Angesty

Technical Director
Andrego Halim

Communication Directors
*Mega Mariesta Dewi
*Jaya Setiawan Gulo

Content Directors
*Maria (Sasha) Tjahjadi – Asia
*Steven Tannason – Australia
*Santi Dharmawan – UK/Europe
*Artricia Rasyid – North America
*Adi Wijaya Gani – North America

*Cecilia Liando – Australia
*Nandra Galang Anissa – UK/Europe
*Khairunnisa Usman – North America
*Naftaly Kitty – North America
*Raymond Henka – North America
*Alicia Kosasih – North America

Ashila Reza
Monica Raphita Simarmata
Ricky Tjok
Heru Prama Yuda
Marcella Purnama
Yunetta Anggiamurni
Natasha Ardiani
Nadia Hartono

Again, we are eager to serve you in the coming year and we are always welcome for feedbacks/comments! Do follow us on Social Media to be updated on our activities!

Twitter :  @Indomengglobal
Facebook : Indonesia Mengglobal
Youtube: Indonesia Mengglobal
Google+ : Indonesia Mengglobal



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