How To Motivate The Unmotivated


Amidst the early autumn wind or the painful sunlight, as it always have been all year long, depends on where you are. I bet you all have already been in this frustrating phase where you feel so unmotivated or demotivated, maybe like in the middle of semester when you are pressured to keep up on everything and also expected to get everything done all at once. Being unmotivated is normal and I am sure that we all have been there, whether it is caused by heavy workloads or simply by your surrounding or quarrel with someone. We might look for the solution in every place but what you might not have realized yet is the fact that the only one who is in charge to motivate yourself is none other than you. I, myself, have been through this kind of life phase. Not for just one time, but for multiple times in my 21 years of life so far. But, the most important thing which I have learnt from those situations is that you can’t just give up on things because if you do, those thing are not going anywhere, they stay and you will have to face it again someday in the future. In this article, I would like to share with you some tips on how to motivate when you feel demotivated and feel like the universe just stops supporting you.

  1. Make a Goal

Your first goal does not have to be made within a big scale. Start with a small little thing like waking up earlier than you usually do or exercise regularly every morning to energize. If you are not that on-time person, then making this small little goal hopefully will do you good. Waking up early will spare you some more time to do something else, maybe you could bring an old habit back to life like reading or exercising, you can also take your time to relax and enjoy your solitude. By starting to make a small little goal day by day, you start giving yourself a chance to change, a change to become a better version of yourself. Not only a chance to change, but you also include a new habit to your daily life. My first small little goal was to wake up earlier than I usually do and to attend every class without skipping any class, even just one class. The first week was hard but it was worth it. They say it takes 3 months in minimum to start including a new habit into year life so, bonne chance!

  1. List What You Need To Do

Have you ever felt so relieved whenever you check that to-do-list? If you have, then keep on doing it because it is a good sign! Go open your notebook or laptop and write down everything you wish to be done by the end of the week. Let the list flow on its own and make a to-do-list per day. Separate what you need to do on Monday and what you need to do on Tuesday, and so on. When you make a check list, doesn’t it make you feel like you just want to check them all at once? The presence of check list could motivate you to unconsciously do everything written on that list for the sake of checking all those blank square signs on the left or right side of your to-do list.

  1. There Is No Later, Do It Now

I know you are very likely to avoid this question as possible as you can whenever it pops out in a conversation, but who likes to procrastinate things? If you are that type of person who always gets everything done in the last minute or you always miss the deadline even though you do not even know how is that even possible, then these could be a sign that you might be a procrastinator.  This might happen because you have this conveniently wrong perspective in your head that there is always the word ‘later’ and you won’t be running out of time. I knew exactly how oddly satisfying it was to think that we will always have some time later and to think that ‘later’ is a better time because I was once a procrastinator myself. Procrastinating means that you unconsciously add more pressure to your future self that you might not realize at the moment. I would suggest you to erase the word ‘later’ in your dictionary whenever it comes to finishing something because now is always a better time to get things done.

  1. Give Some Time To Yourself

There is no better cure to your unmotivated self than having some personal time to yourself. Having all these times needed will spare you some free time to enjoy your own presence. It is your chance to disconnect from all the pressures, demands, and other things in life and just connect with your own presence and what you love. Make the best benefit out of this time to really enjoy yourself  and maybe deepen your spiritual level to make peace with your inner self. It also can contribute to your energy level and prepare you to start a brand new day tomorrow. Last year, I rewarded myself with a solo trip to Tokyo for a week just to escape and to enjoy some ‘me’ time because I was feeling unmotivated and lonely. Having some time to myself allowed me to really appreciate what I have even more, it also gave me some unexpected inspirations to create and gave me the time needed to recharge my energy, physically and emotionally.

In conclusion, life is just a wheel just like most people said. Sometimes you are up there flying high like a free bird, but sometimes you are down inside your blanket curled up like a cocoon. Don’t give up just because of the temporary feeling of being unmotivated because all of these things in life is just some gravels touching your wheel of life and you will pass through them eventually.

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