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When I was a student, I often found myself in a rollercoaster mood of studying. Even as a worker, I believe there are points in our life when we feel like it is in a boring, constant motion that we need something to inspire and motivate us. For me, that is the time when I decide to watch a TED Talk.

Came from various people from diverse disciplines all over the world, TED Talk provides 5-30 minutes talk that brings you some knowledge, motivation, and inspiration. Here I pick up five of my favorites TED Talk that I found inspiring and motivating enough to make me getting things done as well as to trigger my willingness to develop myself to be better and better. Watch and get inspired!

1.How to get better at things you care about – Eduardo Briceno
Most of us are busy with our day to day life that we often keep working only to pay the bills, giving our best performance to hinder the boss’ anger, barely thinking on how we can improve our performance. Even in a student life, sometimes schools and colleges expect their student to always perform well, regardless the fact that schools and colleges should be a place where someone allowed to make mistakes because they are learning. Addressing this, Eduardo argues that our society probably having too much ‘performing time’ instead of ‘learning time’. What is the difference between both and how it can help you improve? Watch this 11 minutes video to find out.

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2.Inside the mind of a master procrastinator – Tim Urban
Admit it – we are all procrastinator. When there is a paper deadline, it’s not unusual for us to think, “Well, maybe it can wait until tomorrow.” Why this happens and what it may cause to us in the long term? In this talk, Tim Urban explains what you can learn from a procrastinator’s mind and how you should be careful – for there are things that will not work with your usual procrastinating working style.

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3.The surprising habits of original thinkers – Adam Grant
Seeing the inventors, the creators, and creative people around the world might make you think – how do these people get those kinds of ideas? Apparently, there are some points of these people called ‘originals’ have in common. Here, Adam Grant shares the three habits of the originals: revealing that they are actually procrastinator, have bad ideas, and they doubt their ideas too. Yet, they survive it all – because they choose to work on those bad ideas into the marvelous one, even if they have to start late than the others.

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4.How to gain control of your free time – Laura Vanderkam
Are you a busy student who involved in more than three organizations and often feel like you barely have time to eat? Or are you a busy career woman who juggling between work and family – and feel like you don’t have time for yourself? According to Laura Vanderkam, there should be no one that busy enough to say “I don’t have time.” Because she believes, there is time – there is always time. It is all about priority: what matters and what doesn’t matter. Watch and learn some tips on how to set your time and build the lives that you want.

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5.10 ways to have a better conversation – Celeste Headlee
In this digital world, having people speaking face to face in a real conversation is rare, compared to our grandparent’s era. We are spoiled by the social media: chatting in Line and WhatsApp, sending comments on facebook status, and recording instastories. Yet, when we do have time to meet other people, we don’t give 100% attention to them. Celeste Headlee said it is very unfortunate if the time you have for a real conversation is resulted in a boring conversation instead of a good one. Thus, in this talk, Celeste gives you 10 pieces of advices on how to have a better conversation with anyone: because everyone is unique, they might surprise you when you care enough about them.

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Closing Remarks
Feel inspired and motivated yet? Turns out, when you get bored and stuck, you don’t have to always run away to social media to find refreshment, isn’t it? Hopefully, these TED Talks boost your mood back to the paper you have to work on, enlighten you to rearrange your schedule to be a more fun and productive one, and gives you motivation and inspiration to never stop learning to be a better you.


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