Manage Fear and Conquer!: Reflection and Farewell from 2019/2020 Team

Welcoming the new team and bidding farewell to the hard-working 2019/2020 team!

One chapter closes, another begins anew! Cazadira Fediva Tamzil, 2019/2020 President of Yayasan Indonesia Mengglobal, shares her reflection of the last year and a farewell note, as she passes the Presidency to Siti Octrina Malikah! In this new year, we hope to continue encouraging you to manage your fears and conquer whatever challenges are in the way of your dreams; wherever you are in the world!


Managing Fear; Embracing Leadership

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” (Babe Ruth)

A year ago, I remember reciting that quote I had heard from a Hollywood movie over and over as I contemplated the once-in-a-lifetime offer to serve as President for Yayasan Indonesia Mengglobal (IM). I had volunteered at IM for 3 years then, fortunate enough to have grown different roles – as a Mentor, Content Director, to Editor-in-Chief. I did (and continue to) believe in our cause. I had a good grasp of our strong points and potential growth areas. But still I grappled intensely with fear. IM has seen exponential growth over the years, and I was afraid to disappoint as a leader.


I am forever grateful to have recalled Babe Ruth’s quote at that decisive juncture. How disappointing would it be if I had let fear hinder me from embracing such a valuable opportunity to serve? It is never about feeling no fear. It is about looking fear straight in the eye, and denying its power to chain us to inaction. If you think it is right, even if you are afraid, do it. As you keep walking and moving past fear, blessings come closer to aid you throughout the journey.


Managing Fear; Applying for Schools/Scholarships Overseas

While Babe Ruth’s quote spoke to me personally on my leadership journey at IM, I believe it can speak to you too, IM readers and followers, as you prepare your overseas University, scholarship, or professional work applications. Over the years, we have encountered many Indonesians who are eager to study overseas, yet too afraid to even begin their research. Many who dream to study at world class Universities, yet too fearful of being rejected. Controlled fear helps us analyse possible angles of attack and strategise accordingly, yet uncontrollable fear restrains us from realising our God-given potentials and purpose.


At IM, we understand that it is easier to manage fear and conquer as members of a supportive community. Indeed, “community” is essentially at the heart of IM! Beyond a website or social media page, IM is a global community of Indonesians keen to support others to thrive. We make it a personal and collective mission to share inspiration and information for those seeking academic and professional opportunities abroad – through website articles, flagship online mentorship program, and offline events across Indonesia.

At WISH Roadshow in Surabaya
Greeting our followers in Surabaya!
IM sharing knowledge on CV making @ an event in Jakarta
Sharing our knowledge on CV making to prospective job applicants!

If you are still rendered frozen by fear in this new year, our encouragement to you is this: acknowledge your fear, control it, and move past it. Stay cautious for possible mistakes and hungry for improvements, all the while keeping a positive outlook.


Managing Fear; Volunteering and Contributing 

As I officially step down from my position as IM President, I look back at the last year with a grateful heart. My decision to move past fears and worries last year granted me opportunities I would cherish forever: sharing the stage with inspirational figures; honing my listening, managerial, and strategic thinking skills; and most importantly, playing a role in helping fellow Indonesians conquer their fear (of public speaking, meeting new people, taking on managerial positions, applying for schools overseas, and others). 


While the year was not without imperfections, I am grateful to hear of the impacts we have made along the way. Thank you for those who have reached out to let us in on how IM has played a role in your journey! 


And for you, dearest IM management team 2019/2020, thank you for not letting fear get a hold of your contributions! It is with your hard work (and the invaluable help from our distinguished alumni that we managed to achieve so much this year. 


I would also like to thank our amazing Board of Advisors, who have so kindly extended support and direction throughout the year. 

A subset of 2019/2020 management team


A subset of 2019/2020 management team
Snapshots of IM’s 2019/2020 management team


On IM’s behalf, allow me to also express gratitude to our contributors, mentors, mentees, and institutional partners. Thank you for your invaluable help in furthering our cause! May we continue to have the heart to share and help others thrive.


To wrap up, allow me to summarize key highlights of our last year:

#1: Strengthening our identity

Last year, we made conscious efforts to strengthen our identity as a global community. In addition to a more consistent social media design aesthetics, our Communications team launched our flagship #KenalIndonesiaMengglobal Instagram campaign to raise visibility of our all-inclusive nature; the many diverse faces behind IM spread across the globe.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 9.50.40 PM

#2: Expanding our editorial footprint to 4 new regions

This year, more than ever, our Editorial team ventured into uncharted territories – publishing articles from 4 new regions: Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Pacific Islands! It furthermore affirms our belief that wherever in the world it may be, “Indonesia bisa“. The idea of expanding our reach to these “non-traditional” regions seemed crazy a year ago, but how grateful are we to see an array of well-curated articles featuring the likes of a Turkish Airlines Pilot, a Master’s student in Iran, a diplomat in Tanzania, a scholarship recipient in Hawai’i, and a student in Costa Rica!


In our more traditional regional strongholds, we are proud to continue the trend of pushing boundaries. In Asia, we exposed novel professional work destinations, like the Philippines, or occupations, like a domestic worker in Singapore. In Europe, we covered less exposed funding opportunities like regional West Nusa Tenggara government scholarships to Poland and heart-wrenching stories like that of a former refugee in Austria. Our North America Editorial team also looked beyond our usual demographics of students/professionals, to feature a very interesting story about opportunities for spouses of international students.


In commemoration of IM’s Anniversary and National Education Day in May, our Editorial team also launched a series of articles under the theme: “Indonesia Matters: Global Impacts from Within”. Throughout this month, we deviated slightly from our usual trope of sharing Indonesians’ achievements and or experiences abroad to celebrating Indonesians who have returned from overseas and created global impacts from within. This Editorial campaign really fortifies our life-long message that Indonesians can indeed create impact from wherever they are in the world.


#3: Forging cross-cutting partnerships

We are also very proud to have forged exciting partnerships throughout the year, which transcended borders, issues, and formats. Highlights include:

Co-organizing/supporting education-themed events with…

  • Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia (CAAI) and the British Embassy – we are proud to have been an official partner to United Kingdom (UK) Day, attended by UK Deputy Chief-of-Mission to Indonesia and Timor Leste Rob Fenn,
IM @ UK Day 2019
Sharing the stage with distinguished UK Alumni @ UK Day 2019
  • World Indonesia Scholarship (WISH), a social movement for scholarship enthusiasts, in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya;
IM @ WISH Jakarta, November 2019
IM saw a packed classroom for our sharing session @ WISH Jakarta 2019!
  • World Postgraduate Expo,
  • Purwokerto-based Universitas Soedirman for Festival of Study Abroad (FOSA),
Greeting our followers from Purwokerto @ FOSA 2019!
Greeting our followers from Purwokerto @ FOSA 2019!
  • London-based online platform HotCourses
  • Kuala Lumpur-based online platform Easy Uni,
  • Scholarship Insight Community (SIC), a close-knit community of scholarship enthusiasts ran by one of our very own volunteers, 
IM @ SIC Session on Writing an Effective Personal Statement, April 2019
IM @ SIC Session on Writing an Effective Personal Statement, April 2019
  • Social activist Najeela Shihab’s Semua Murid Semua Guru,
  • European Higher Education Fair (EHEF), attended by 10,000 people,
Representing indonesia Mengglobal in front of 10,000 prospective students
Representing indonesia Mengglobal in front of 10,000 prospective students
  • Jaring Prestasi Maju (JARIMU), founded by a mother brimming with passion to help fellow Eastern Indonesians, and
Inspiring parents and youths @ JARIMU 2019!
Inspiring parents and youths @ JARIMU 2019!
  • AECC Global.


Organizing our signature IM Sharing Session…

  • With our long-standing partner EducationUSA and @America 
Our Annual Undergraduate Sharing Session
Our Annual Undergraduate Sharing Session
Our Annual Postgraduate Sharing Session
Our Annual Postgraduate Sharing Session

Diversifying our thought leadership…

  • Our amazing Mentorship team went above and beyond by partnering with prominent consulting firm Accenture Indonesia in organising a talk and series of workshops on University/scholarship applications and career!
GO GET IT! by IM x Accenture, May 2019
GO GET IT! by IM x Accenture, May 2019

Through the event, our prospective applicants could get a taste of our online mentorship program while our former mentees could reconvene with us and discuss strategies to build a formidable post-graduation career.

  • Moderating a session on smart cities at the 5th Congress of Indonesian Diaspora. Bima Arya, Mayor of Bogor city, and Iwan Sunito, property tycoon, was among the distinguished Speakers
Moderating a high-level session at CIYD
Moderating a high-level session at CID
  • Speaking on the values of volunteering at #KUTalk28: Volunteer and Pro Bono for Better Indonesia by Indonesia Youth for Small Medium Enterprises (IYS), Platform Usaha Sosial (PLUS), and Kampus Update at Tokopedia Tower!
#KUTalk28 with IYS, PLUS, and Kampus Update
#KUTalk28 with IYS, PLUS, and Kampus Update

Special thank you too to our “back end” personnel – Analytics, Information Technology, and Fundraising teams! Your work may not be externally visible, but know that you made a real difference this year with your diligence, persistence, and tech savviness. 


Managing Fear; Ushering a New Era

To really close this year, allow me to warmly welcome our new President: Siti Octrina Malikah – Riri! Riri has grown tremendously over the years, from creative Columnist, to meticulous Editor, to prolific Editor-in-Chief. Thank you for not letting fear hold you back from embracing this amazing opportunity, Ri. We have faith in you, and the many great things you and the team will do to further our organisation’s cause.

Welcoming the new team and bidding farewell to the hard-working 2019/2020 team!
Welcoming the new team and bidding farewell to the hard-working 2019/2020 team!

Let’s make 2020 our best year yet, where we commit to continuously moving past fear and conquering whatever challenges lie ahead. Onwards and upwards, all the very best for Indonesia Mengglobal!


With my warmest regards, 

Cazadira Fediva Tamzil

President, Indonesia Mengglobal 2019/2020


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