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Erica Winata Phenjaya

Erica graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Buddhist Education from Bodhi Dharma Buddhist College in Medan and directly continued her master’s degree in Education Management at Darma Agung University, Medan. She was awarded scholarship from LMU Munich, Germany, to study PhD program in Buddhist Studies, especially in Tibetology. She is passionate about Buddhism, education, history and language. She speaks 5 languages—Bahasa, English, German, Spanish, and Tibetan. She likes reading books, cooking, baking, playing with her dogs, listening to music and volunteering. She loves nature and challenges; that’s why in her tight schedule, she always spend time to explore nature, such as camping, diving, hiking and rock climbing as well as backpacking around the world. Follow her social media networks at Instagram : @ericayin93 | Facebook : @ericayin