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Toni Ariwijaya

Toni Ariwijaya completed his dual degrees in Master of Education (in Special Education) and Master of Educational Leadership from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, with the Australia Awards Scholarship. Driven by his mission, No One Left Behind, he believes that women play the most prominent part in education. Prior to studying in Australia, he worked as a teacher in a remote village in Central Lombok, whereby he realized that interagency collaboration is the key to achieve a well-rounded education. Upon graduation, along with his wife, he established an NGO advocating for young people, specifically females, to pursue tertiary education. Currently, he also works as a lecturer in Universitas Islam Al-Azhar, Mataram. In his spare time, Toni and his wife enjoy traveling to draw inspiration for their following projects. Toni can be reached at toni.ariwijaya@gmail.com.