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This time, Indonesia Mengglobal is interviewing Silvia Pratama, the managing executive and co-founder of Rekruta, a startup specialized in helping companies with hiring.


Q: Hello Silvia, thank you for your willingness to share with Indonesia Mengglobal’s readers. Could you give a brief description for Indonesia Mengglobal’s readers about your startup, Rekruta?

A: Rekruta is a real time collaborative cloud recruiting platform to find, engage, and hire great talents to grow your business by reducing time to fill and cost per hire by 80%. Check out more info at


Q: What it the story behind Rekruta? Why are you interested in creating a startup after graduating from a top-tier university, UC Berkeley, instead of working for a multinational company?

A: The growing mismatch between the skills that companies in Indonesia need and the talent available are one of the reasons I and Yanuar started Rekruta. I have already worked in SFO Airport prior to starting Rekruta, while Yanuar previously worked in Quora, Silicon Valley. We are hoping to automate the recruiting process in Indonesia.


Q: Rekruta has secured a funding from East Ventures. That’s awesome! Do you mind telling the readers how did you secure a funding for your startup?

A: We were introduced by a friend to East Ventures and we have the same vision. We are lucky to have East Ventures as our investor. After hearing about East Ventures back in late 2015, we talked to couple venture capitals, but ended up we choose East Ventures.


Q: What do you think are the most challenging obstacles for your startup to grow in Indonesia? And how do you overcome them?

A: Educating the market, most people are not tech-savvy. So, we try to create the software that has a user-friendly user interface.


Q: Any suggestion for our readers who are interested in creating their own startup?

A: Understanding the pains of the customer and actually solving their pains are the fundamentals of creating a startup. Always learn by doing, don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you’ll need a lot of failures before you can be an overnight success.


Want to try Rekruta for free for three months? Visit:


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Silvia Pratama is currently the managing executive and co-founder of PT Rekruta Amarta Talenta ( Rekruta is a B2B SaaS HR Recruiting platform that helps businesses to find, engage, and hire the best talents. Previously, she worked as an Assistant Project Manager assisting San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Program Management Support Services (PMSS) with estimated project value at 15 million dollars. Silvia Pratama received her Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from University of California, Berkeley in December 2014



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