Applying for Portland State University’s Business School


What is your motivation in getting a business degree? Before starting your application, make sure that you had an answer for that question. After knowing your motivation, now you can pick which business programs suits you best – because there are plenty of options out there! In Portland State University, they offer master in Business Administration, International Management, Financial Analysis, Real Estate, Health Care MBA and Supply Chain. Here are some quick overview steps for applying to PSU Business School programs:


STEP 1: Research

Gather as much information about the school. Simply check PSU website,, and you will find pretty much all the information you need. If you have further questions, you can email the admissions staff and they typically response to your email in 1-3 business days.


STEP 2: Gather materials

Don’t know where to begin? Simply list all materials required. It will prevent you from the little tiny stuff that sometimes forgettable or is too late to be done.


STEP 3: Tests

Register for all tests required such as TOEFL and GMAT. PSU graduate business has an average GMAT score between 550 and 650. The key is practice, practice and practice.


STEP 4: Essays

Start planning your essays as early as possible! It will give you some extra time in the end to review and make some edits. There are typically three questions that you need to address in your essays. Make sure that you answer the questions clearly and pay attention to the words limit.


STEP 5: Recommendations

List and contact the people who you believe willing to write recommendation letters for you. Plus, make sure that you give them enough time to write the recommendations. You can’t force them to write for you in 3 days. The persons who typically will write recommendations for you are the ones who really know you personally and professionally such as your business directors in the company that you work, public or community figures, and professors in your college.


STEP 6: Curriculum Vitae

Don’t forget to also create a quantified curriculum vitae. Applying to B-school means that you have to list all related experiences that you have. The admissions team will be satisfied if you could quantify every single aspect in your CV. For example, put your prior university’s rank to give an instant overview to the admissions team.


These general steps also apply to most other universities that you will apply for. But remember to check those universities’ sites! Finally, after completing those six  steps, take some time to review all materials that you’ve already made. Reread and review your application essays to find whether there are grammatical errors or some misspelled.   Good luck!

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Clarina Andreny graduated from University of Indonesia in 2011, majoring in Political Science. She previously worked for National Counter Terrorism Agency and fellow researcher at Democracy, Integrity, and Peace Centre. She attends Portland State University Business School since Summer 2013.


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