Enhance Your Career Path and Perspective By Studying Abroad


Pursuing an education is about exploring your interests and broadening your experiences. As you approach the college application process, it may be beneficial to consider studying abroad at a university in the United States. There are countless storied and prominent universities that stand out, but none are more prestigious or offer more opportunities than Harvard. At Harvard you have the ability to meet students from all different countries, religions and backgrounds that are looking to obtain an education that is distinctive and different. In life there should be no limitations in putting your dreams and by studying abroad, you truly have the opportunity to pursue an education without limitations or restrictions.

My name is Kuriakin Zeng and I am a student studying abroad at Harvard. I have quickly found that through my education I am gaining long-term benefits that are much wider than simply education based. Studying abroad has not only influenced my choice of profession, but also my world perspective and overall confidence. This has been a once in a lifetime experience that has completely changed my life and influenced the person that I am growing to be. College is a unique experience that is unlike anything else and allows you to forge relationships, interests and develop your skills in the one thing that you are truly passionate about. I feel that I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and broaden my perspective in ways that were unimaginable before.

Enhance Your Career Path and Perspective By Studying Abroad
Harvard Yard seen from the Holyoke Center.

There are many universities that you can choose to attend, but I have found that Harvard offers a unique experience for all students that come from abroad. You have the ability to visit Harvard Yard daily and obtain an education that allows you to become involved in everything from research projects to lectures given by world leaders. Operas, dances and other student-driven activities will give you a platform to socialize and build meaningful friendships that will have an impact on your life. Even if you are coming from afar, you have the assurance that other students are experiencing the same unknowns as you. This give you a chance to learn and grow in a comforting environment.

After you gain the experience of studying abroad, you will never be the same person again, but this is a good change. You will have more experiences that ultimately shape your views of the world and allow you to truly believe that anything is possible. If you want to be the change that you are looking to see, it can all start by pursuing an education abroad at a prestigious university like Harvard. I couldn’t be happier about my choice to attend Harvard and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Kuriakin Zeng is a John Harvard Scholar Computer Science undergrad at Harvard. He is currently conducting research on SimplyPut, a natural language processing and crowd-sourcing project that aims to improve medical literacy. He holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Singapore Polytechnic. He is the first polytechnic students to have achieved distinctions in all his classes and has received many accolades for his work including the Lee Kuan Yew Award. He enjoys building things and hopes to invent things that can improve our living conditions. He has developed software for many organizations and start-ups. He himself also runs several start-ups in which he also serves as the CTO and advisory board member.


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