Wrapping Up Indo2SV ’14/’15


Six months ago, Indo2SV, in partnership with Indonesia Mengglobal, kicked off its pilot 1:1 mentorship program. The objective of the mentorship program is to help Indonesian college students to get software engineering internships in Silicon Valley. As Indonesians in Silicon Valley, we are excited to encourage more Indonesians to come work and learn here.

In November 2014, we selected 8 mentees out of 250 applicants. During the rigorous selection process, we compared resumes and essays, and interviewed applicants through Skype. Since then, we’ve paired mentees with mentors who gave them weekly Skype calls that include recitations of algorithmic concepts, mock interviews, resume revisions, and communication skills. Our mentors are Indonesian professionals currently working at Facebook, Google, Quora, and Equifax.

We are proud to share that these three mentees have received internship offers from Silicon Valley’s leading companies in the technology industry:

  1. Rakina Zata Amni – UI ’17 – Square and Mozilla
  2. Ahmad Zaky – ITB ’16 – Palantir
  3. Tri Ahmad Irfan – UI ’17 – Twitter

In the coming months, the three of them and some Indo2SV mentors will share their experience and tips through Indonesia Mengglobal. Through these efforts, we hope that their experience and expertise will be available and beneficial for other Indonesian college students interested in software engineering, and other software engineering enthusiasts.

As organizers, we learn a lot from this pilot program and fully intend to make this an annual program. We are planning to reopen the application process for the next batch of Indo2SV at around May or June 2015. In the meantime, please share the word and check out indo2sv.com for updates!

Indo2SV mentors:

Felix Halim is a Software Engineer at Google. He has a PhD in Computer Science from National University of Singapore and BCompSc from Bina Nusantara International.

Jonathan Hadisuryo is a Software Engineer at Equifax. He has a BS in Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley.

Listiarso Wastuargo is a Software Engineer at Parse+Facebook. He was an intern at Facebook for summer 2011 and summer 2012. He received a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Nino Aquinas is a Software Engineer at Quora. He did his own startup and worked for Tecmo Koei before joining Quora. He has a BEng (Electrical & Electoronic Engineering) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Reinardus Surya Pradhitya is a Software Engineer on products at Facebook. He has a BEng (Computer Science) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Veni Johanna is currently a Platform Software Engineer at Quora. She previously interned at Facebook and Quora, while pursuing BS, MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.



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