We have a new logo!


Indonesia Mengglobal is proud to announce the launch of our new logo!

We have a new logo!

The logo depicts a Garuda, graceful and fearless, soaring high, extending its reach to the rest of the world. It epitomizes Indonesia whose presence and influence are felt across the globe and whose proud citizens are eager to make themselves heard at the international stage. It represents a new mindset not confined by national boundaries and a new attitude that welcomes challenges and competition at the highest level from the outside.

We at Indonesia Mengglobal would like to extend a special thanks to Freida Siregar who had kindly volunteered her time to design our logo. Below is Freida’s short bio:

Freida Siregar graduated from Universitas Indonesia (UI) in 2010, majoring in international relations. She was active in the English Debating Society at the university where she championed several national debate tournaments. She has worked for the Association for Critical Thinking, as Research Officer for Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional, and as Research Associate for Jamal Abdul Latief Poverty Action Lab.


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