Menyapa 2017 bersama Indonesia Mengglobal!

Indonesia Mengglobal's 2016 Studying in the US seminar, held at @America.

To all of our Indonesia Mengglobal friends,

After a rigorous (but mighty fun) recruiting period, we are happy to announce the team members for 2017! Join us in saying hello to these faces, new and old:


IM 2017 Team Members


Artricia Marina Rasyid

Team Leaders

  • Editor-in-Chief: Marlistya Citraningrum
  • Head of Communication: Arya Satya Nugraha
  • Head of Mentorship: Arfinandi Feraldy
  • Head of Analytics: Eric Valega Prawirodidjojo

Advisory Committee

  • Veni Johanna
  • Martin Tjioe
  • Donny Eryastha
  • Stevia Angesty
  • Tiffany Robyn Soetikno

Technical Director

  • M. Redho Ayassa

Content Directors (Editors)

  • North America: Christian Limawan
  • UK/Europe: Azira Tamzil
  • Australia/NZ: Puteri Komarudin
  • Asia 1: Annisa Ratna Puteri
  • Asia 2: Anjas Prasetiyo

Content Directors (Columnists)

  • North America: Andrea Adhi
  • UK/Europe: Sarah Teja
  • Australia/NZ: Siti Octrina Malikah
  • Asia 1: Ignatius Aditya
  • Asia 2: Maudy Elvira

Social Media & Communications 

  • Social Media Lead: Mary Rasita

Mentorship Chair

  • Ria Dwi Agustina
  • Chandra Jinata

Partnership & Events 

  • Haryani Dannisa
  • Josefhine Citra

Alumni (2016/7)

  • Tiffany Robyn Soetikno
  • Steven Tannason
  • Santi Dharmawan
  • Bima Aryuna
  • Brigita Darminto
  • Marsha Wibowo
  • Ari Dwijayanti
  • Daniel Suryanata
  • Najwa Sungkar
  • Hadrian Pranjoto
  • Robin Hartanto
  • Deandra Moerdaning
  • Ethenia Widagdo

We are also bidding farewell to our wonderful alumni who have done a fantastic job. Here are some of our key editorial and social media insights from 2016, which would prepare us to take on the new year in full throttle!

IM Social Media: 2016 Insights




IM Editorial Insights (2)


In 2017, all of us are eager to serve you by providing insightful content from our contributors and columnists, as well as offering useful information that facilitates overseas study and work.

Stay tuned and follow us on our social media platforms (links can be found at the end of this post) to receive the most up-to-date news on our activities.

P.S. there’ll be many exciting new initiatives launched this year, so do keep a close watch! In the meantime, please shoot your feedbacks, comments, and ideas to our email:


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