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Tri Mulyani Sunarharum

Dr. Tri Mulyani Sunarharum, ST. (Yani) received her bachelor degree from University of Brawijaya, Indonesia and doctoral degree from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Her PhD research focuses on collaborative planning for disaster resilience. This Aremanita loves singing, dancing, and acting. She has been actively involved in organisational and extracurricular activities related to art, culture, education and social activities. In 2015, Yani was selected as QUT Student Leader of the Year – she was both the first postgraduate student and the first international student to win this award, a first in the history of the awards. In 2016, she won the contest of Miss Indonesia Diaspora 2016, competing with contestants from five continents. She currently serves as Executive Director of Gelora Indonesia - a NGO who contributed to Sambang Deso Project and produced “Behind the Mask” short film as well as “Ini Ibu Budi” song. Feel free to contact her at trimulyani.sunarharum@gmail.com and connect with her through https://www.instagram.com/yanisunarharum/